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Audit - Diagnostic - New Formula

Checking of formula according to your requirements.

√ On your demand, Exden may investigate on your ever existing probiotic based food supplement in order to check the viability (Colony Forming Unit) and the ability to stand shelf life conditions.

√ R&D program management in innovative galenic area : find out solutions for a new kind of powder, new matrix for dispersion of probiotic, etc.

√ R&D program based on stability in case of blending probiotics with other ingredients.

√ Search for scientific data relevant to the market area.

Exden has become this year a SYNADIET member (French Syndicat for Food Supplement) and a VALORIAL member (Britanny’s R&D and Competitvity Cluster). Moreover, Exden has received this year the agreement from the French Research Ministry as a private Research Company suitable for R&D Credit Tax.

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