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Sustainability & Stability

The activities of probiotic bacteria will be more effective for cells which will find their full potential, once revitalized in our body. For this, it is essential that the bacteria remain alive throughout the life of the product.
The concept of EXDEN’s probiopack™ is the assurance of having a food supplement with probiotic bacteria that is formulated , manufactured and controlled to meet this requirement.
Beyond probiotic’s qualities, all strains are not equal to face the stability issues, probiopack™ allows to select the most resilient.
Probiopack™ also means a specific process , the result of nearly 20 years of experience, to associate different strains in a matrix dedicated to stability and revifivation probiotic bacteria .


Probiopack™ is also the assurance of reliable and validated expertise in microbiology analytical controls.

Probiopack™ is finally assist you in mounting stability study in real time.


The choice of the dosage form is important to allow the stability of the strains. Contact materials are equally important :

Probiopack™ is the assurance of compatibility between content and container.

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