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One billion a day, keep the doctor away

The first living species to have colonized the planet, there has been more than 3 billion years, are microorganisms, including bacteria. Perfect models of adaptability, bacteria have also given rise to all other animal forms up to create the concept of synbiose colonizing the intestines of many animals including humans.

Using food with live cultures to treat disease is a longstanding practice dating at least as far back as 76 BC, the Roman historian Pliny the Elder, when advocated using fermented milk to treat GI infections.

Probiotics are traditionally used to support the balance of intestinal flora” – Ministero de la Salute – Italy – Guidelines on Probiotics and Prebiotics – may 2013.

The imbalance of the intestinal flora leads to:

– Digestive disorders: bloating, diarrohea, constipation, antibiotherapy side effects.
– Weak Immunity : cold and flu. Food intolerance and allergies. Inflamatory bowel desease.
– Traveller diarrohea.
– Personal hygiene troubles: Digestive and vaginal mycosis.

Food supplements containing probiotics are used for the restoration and maintenance of the intestinal flora.

During the last 30 years, the number of publications follows an exponential growth, part of which has been made ​​by the scientific evaluation agencies from different countries:

ITALY– Guidelines and claims – 2005, up-dated may 2013
JAPAN – 1st FOSHU Probiotic in 1996
FRANCE– Guidelines AFSSA / ANSES nov 2002 and 2005
Worldwide – FAO – Guidelines may 2002
UK – FSA – 2005
USA – FDA – 2006
CANADA – Health Canada – 2010

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