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Probiotic World

Micro-organisms are the oldest form of life on Earth, they always allowed life to spread over the world. Some are useful (friendly bacteria), some can lead to severe illnesses.

Million of billions of bacteria (from 500 to 1000 different species) colonize our gut, this is the Intestinal Flora that outnumber the cells of our bodies by 10 to 1 .

Probiotics are living microorganisms, which, when administrated in adequate amounts, confer a health benefit on the host.” FAO/WHO 2001.

Status Food

The use of lactic acid bacteria is well known in the world of the food industry. The dairy industry developed a particular expertise in the production of lactic acid bacteria for cheese and yoghurt manufacturing. Other fermented milks like kefir have emerged during antiquity.
Bread, wine, beer, sauerkraut and sausages also involve fermentation by microorganisms.

Scientific articles have found that lactic acid bacteria may have probiotic properties. Regular consumption of fermented products led to the restoration and maintenance of the balance of intestinal flora.


Probiotics are easy and convenient to use as food supplement.

The best dosage forms is the multiple layer sachet which allows a true stability at room temperature. The variant “stick pack” leads to the same result.
Capsule size 0 is preferred for the packaging of probiotics. The capsules are arranged in blisters and in carton box to ensure stability at room temperature.

Health Areas

Bloating - Abdominal pain - Digestive incomfort - Transit laziness - Lactose and protein intolerance


70 to 80% of our immune cells are produced in the gut where live more than a million of billion of bacteria


Changing food habits abroad can lead to severe intestinal disorders, such as "Turista"


Vaginal flora is specific but also linked to the intestinal flora equilibrium


Why Exden?

Small and medium sized batch are available to allow SME’s to access the fast growing probiotic market

Flexibility with formulas and manufacturing
Fastness with R&D steps and manufacturing process. From the idea to the market in 4 months
Confidentiality: NDA can be written on demand.

Our Quality

Exden will provide you with end products according to the most accurate quality criteria in the probiotic field – Strains are manufactured in HACCP, ISO and / or GMP facilities.

Contact Us

Exden – 11 Rue du Grand Pilonnais – 44470 CARQUEFOU – FRANCE

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